A Libyan Egyptian agreement to exchange electrical power between the two countries.    date : 2017/12/13    


A Libyan Egyptian agreement to exchange electrical power between the two countries.

As part of the visit to Egypt by the president of the Libyan national council for the unity government Mr. Faez Al-Sarraj and the delegation accompanying him to the republic of Egypt.

The minister of electricity of Egypt Dr. Mohamed Shaker yesterday 12th of Dec 2017 Received The CEO of the general electrical company Mr. Ali Sassi.

And upon his visit they held an open productive meeting between the Libyan side represented by Mr. Ali Sassi the CEO of GECOL and Mr. Abdul-Baset Farrara the chief of control and a board member of GECOL.

The Egyptian side was represented by the minister of electricity
Dr. Mohamed Shaker and the CEO of some Companies within the Egyptian holding company.

The talking points of the meeting were the cooperation between the Libyan and Egyptian side in the field of electricity and the connection between Libya and Egypt to exchange an approximate of 400kilo-volts of electricity between the two countries and to benefit from the Egyptian experience in the field of resurrecting of the electricity sector in Libya.

And within the meeting there were confirmations to form many committees to follow up for what they agreed upon in the meeting and to make multiple visits between the two countries to follow up and to do continuous coordination.

Referred to that there was another meeting held before this meeting between the CEO of GECOL and the Chief of Electricity Transmission Company agreed upon it to enable the agreement between the two countries regarding the exchange of electricity in 2018.