Supply and installation of Mesallata Wind farm Project    date : 2016/02/10    

Within the framework of a strategic plan to exploit the renewable energy sources available in different regions in Libya, the Renewable Energy Authority of Libya (REAOL) aims at executing various leading projects to generate electric power using a number of technologies especially solar and wind power to increase RE percentage in the national grid to help cover the rapidly increasing demand on power, and to support the national economy by saving huge quantities of fuel used in the traditional power generation activities. Moreover, such a project would help in creating job opportunities, nationalization of technology, and maintaining sustainable development in the different regions of Libya.

On this basis, the strategic plan will include a project to supply and install a wind farm in Mesallata with installed capacity around 27MW whose location was selected based on economic and technical studies.

In this context, works are now underway to receive and transport the first shipment (16 turbines) from Khoms port to the location in Mesallata.