GECOL's Executive Director visits Khoms Power Generation Compound    date : 2015/12/07    

Accompanied by some GECOL senior officials, Engr. Ayad Gnaidi the executive director visited Khoms power generation plant on Monday 7th of December 2015.

During this visit, the executive director and the participants  took a look at the damages inflicted on the compound following the Sunday fire exchange, they also took a look at the work progress in the compound to assess the difficulties the employees experienced during their efforts to extinguish the fire. The executive director expressed his deep regret for such an incident in such a vital facility.

In this visit, the executive director seized the opportunity to meet the compound staff. the meeting was attended by Khoms mayor, the head of Khoms Municipal council and a number of GECOL officials; expressing his appreciations for the civil defense, Melita Company and NOC for the readiness they showed to cooperate with GECOL under these tough circumstances, he also thanked GECOL security and safety members who succeeded in extinguishing the fire.

The meeting concentrated on solving the difficulties facing the compound staff, as well as discussing other important issues such as the necessity double and unite the efforts to protect this compound which is being considered as one of the vital facilities of the Libyan national grid