Call Open Tendering (339) (Supply of safety equipment for workers Departments of Chemistry at P.P)    2016/05/31

General Electric Company announces its desire to ask general supply security and safety equipment for workers Departments of Chemistry production plants tender, for companies that want to contract and became man in the same efficiencies are available and have the technical and financial means, which qualifies them the tender to enter, progress to buy brochure specifications that will be available at the headquarters of the Commission Central tenders headquarters of 25/05/2016 m to 04/06/2016 AD. In exchange for a financial amount of (150) LD, payable in cash or certified check at the company's treasury with the overall management of the financial headquarters object Victory Street, provided comply with the following controls: -
The company that developed be constrained record of the private companies and public company of electricity.
That developed the company from the manufacturers in the subject of the tender and have the competence and expertise and finance, which qualifies them to perform the contract with the best.
Tender offers on the company showing the business name, logo, and the signing of documents and its legal representative, as well as the statement of domicile, telephone number and e-mail stamp and provide a definition file includes Steering activity, and its expertise in the subject area.
The presentations to be made fully compatible with the financial terms and technical specifications defined TORs specifications.
Each company offers a tender in a sealed envelope sealed with red wax and seal of the company, in two separate presentations contain technician, Mali, Mali is priced with electronic notification of technical demo version.
Price typing in numbers and letters.
Made directly tender proceedings before the tenders committee before delegates officially authorized to do so.
The validity of the tender period for three months, not less.
Determine the time required for the implementation of the tender subject of the contract.
The deadline for submitting offers on Sunday 26/6/2016 m, and open the envelopes on Monday, 27/06/2016 m, at ten in the morning at the headquarters of the Commission.
Attached to the tender primary insurance value equivalent (0.50%) fifty one hundred per cent of the total value of the tender submitted and paid the ultimate insurance value when awarding the equivalent of (2%) two per cent of the total value of the tender, pushing cash or instrument certified or letter of guarantee from one of the commercial banks operating in Libya.

General Electric Company

Central Tenders Committee

Headquarters by Sawani - Tripoli

        E-mail: tendersgecol @

And any technical inquiries please call: 0914502739-021481039