General Electricity Company of Libya (GECOL) hereby announces extension call for open tender for Complete Overhauling for B0ilers ( 3 & 4 ) at Alkhoms steam power plant Thus, all competitive companies which have the required technical and financial capabilities which qualifies them to compete in this tender are kindly invited to buy brochure specifications which will be available at the Tenders Committee in the company main office Swani Road / Tripoli from 14.03.2023 until 30.03.2023 of the announcement in exchange for a sum of money of (2000) Libyan dinars paid either in cash or a bank cheque at the Company's financial Dept. Naser Street/Tripoli.
All companies should comply the following conditions:

• Official registration at GECOL.
• Competitive bidders should be specialized in the tender subject as well as having the technical experience and financial capabilities qualifying them to engage in this tender.
• Offers shall be submitted in accordance with the general conditions, technical specifications and financial outlined in the tender documents.
• Offers must be submitted in one original and three copy (three technical and three financial) offers, each consists of four red waxed and stamped envelopes, plus softcopy as well as unpriced offer
• The bidder should not have any technical or administrative problems with the GECOL
• Prices must be written in letters & figures.
• Tendering is done in the presence of the authorized persons from all competitive companies.
• Tender validity must be for not less than six months.
• Determining the required period to finish executing the Tender Subject contract.
• Delivery of materials By CIF
• The stamp tax according to the Libyan tax law.
• Must be taken into account to calculate the expenses of the inspection company and the cost of open LC inside and outside Libya.
• It should be taken into account that the containers for supplying materials will be owned by the General Electricity Company of Libya.
• Tender deadline for submitting on 15.05.2023.
• Submitting an initial letter of guarantee (a bid bond) covering at least 0.5% (half a percent) of the total amount set forth in the tender documents, and 2% as final insurance paid when selecting the best offer. This is done by letter of credit or a bank cheque endorsed by a commercial bank that is operating in Libya.
• Offers shall be submitted on the company official papers which participating in the tender showing its logo, officially-authorized persons, full address (telephone number, email, etc.) on the envelopes.
• GECOL has the right to partial the quantities of the materials as well as to divide the purchase order between two or more companies.
• SEALED PROPOSALS will be received until the closing date and time.

Submit: Via Commercial Carrier or personally by appointment with single point of contact:
The contact point is : Secretary of the Development Tender Committee at:
Name: Abdullah Elhadad .
General Electricity Company of Libya (GECOL).
Swani Road / Tripoli-Libya.
Mobile No.: +2184807288
For any technical inquiries, please call +00218214807288 during the official working time