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The Libyan General Electric Company was established according to the law number 17 in the year 1984, which is responsible for the accomplishment of the projects of operating and servicing the electric networks, stations of energy production and their distribution and transformation stations. In addition, the company is responsible for the transformational lines of energy and their distribution, the Electric control centres and the management of the operation and servicing of desalination stations in the whole country. It is also responsible for the establishment and the accomplishment of any projects in the above mentioned areas. Moreover; the company is responsible for manufacturing equipments and materials which the company uses in cooperation with the specialized companies in this field. The company is also offers the general services and services for customers in the field of electricity for specific fees. Thanks to Allah Al Alee Al Gadire and to the staff of the company, the company has successfully carried out several plans and projects which enabled the company to achieve its aims and offers excellent electric services to the citizens in the whole country of Libya. The company has continuously been planning to improve its ability and facilities in the field of electric production, the improvement of transformation and distribution network as well as the observation of the control centers in order that the company can produce high quality of electric energy. In this side the company highly concentrates on the improvement of its staff so that they can professionally perform their jobs.